If you live in the area, you know that Northern Virginia is really large and is more of a functional name than a rigidly defined area.  If you are moving to the area, be prepared for spending some time in your car.

Northern Virginia covers a lot of area and a lot of traffic.  To make it easier on our more than 1,000 members, we set up chapters in various locations. Chapters meet at different times of day and each chapter has a unique personality.  Each chapter has separate programs, workshops, quilting challenges, educational outreach and community service efforts.  We know you will find a chapter that meets your lifestyle and quilting desires.

While the chapters meet separately, we also come together a couple of times each year to share in a variety of guild events such as quilt-ins, our annual meeting, and our quilt show.  As Northern Virginia changes so do our interests and events change over time.  But our purpose always remains the same – to preserve the tradition, culture and history of quilting, and promote the knowledge and understanding of the art of quilting through continuing educational services for members and public education activities.

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