Quilters Unlimited (affectionately known as “Big QU”) is the parent organization for the 11 QU Chapters. While it is not possible to join Big QU separately, you will automatically become a member when you join a QU chapter. When you join a QU chapter, you will be given a membership card identifying you as an active, dues-paying QU member. This card will not only allow you to join other QU chapters as an associate member (at a reduced dues rate), it will also earn you a discount on purchases at many quilt shops in the greater Washington Metro area. This membership card is good from the time you pay your dues until June 30th, so join early to enjoy an entire year of discounts. In order to be included in the QU Directory, you must pay your dues by October 1st.

It is recommended that you visit the QU Chapters page. There you will see a list of chapters in the area and where and when they meet. By clicking on the chapter name (i.e., Burke, Centreville, etc.), you will link to the individual chapter’s website. There you will find more details about the chapter and their programs.

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