Fairfax Challenges

Here are some of our past challenges :

Holiday Stash-Buster Challenge 2018  –  

What’s your favorite holiday?  Chances are you’ve got lots of “decor,” quilted or otherwise, on that theme.  But what about the other ones?  Every year on July third I bemoan the fact that I once again have run out of time to make a wall hanging or table runner for the Fourth of July, and Valentine’s Day is pretty sparse as well.  The lesser holidays deserve some celebration too–Groundhog Day is a personal favorite, or maybe the First Day of School.  Even birthdays should have some glitz–a friend made me a birthday placemat years ago which visits the table every time there’s a birthday in the house.  You get the idea!

So here are the rules:
1.  Choose your holiday or holidays–only one, or as many as you like.
2.  Make a decorative item commemorating the holiday(s):  a table runner, placemat(s), wall hanging, lap quilt, or apron, using what is in your stash.

Summer 2017 – Crayon challenge – pick three crayons and make something using these colors.

Summer 2016 challenge – Orange/Black. Think beyond Halloween!
Spring 2016 – My Green Thumb

2015 – Virigina’s Beautiful Waters

Summer 2015 – Rain Stick Quilt — make something with 2 1/2 squares and strips from this pattern Youtube tutorial .

Spring 2015 – Tuna half challenge — make something with 2.5 inch squares.

Winter 2015 – Border Patrol Challenge.

Summer 2014: High Fiber Diet Challenge.

Spring 2014: Picture this! There are many things that inspire quilters.  A particular fabric, a color, a song, a friend, a challenge, etc.  The challenge was to find a picture and use it as inspiration to make something.

Winter 2013-14: Party Dress Challenge.

Summer 2013: Create something from a panel.

Summer 2012: No Prints Allowed Challenge!!! The challenge was to dig deep in your stash for those long-forgotten solids you bought years ago and never figured out what to do with them. Check out the results HERE.

Fairfax QU Spring 2012 Design Your Own Block Challenge: HERE

Fairfax QU Spring 2012 Design Your Own Block Challenge: HERE

Fairfax QU Fall 2011 Apron Challenge: HERE

Fairfax QU Summer 2011 Red and White Challenge: HERE

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