Quilt: by Jane McDowell

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Learn About Quilters Unlimited

Quilters Unlimited is a nonprofit organization of quilters, with all chapters and activities in Northern Virginia. Founded in 1972, we have grown to 11 chapters, unified by a central Board of Directors. Membership includes women and men of all ages, traditionalists and contemporary quilters, beginners to renowned experts.



Quilters Unlimited has 11 chapters. Some meet in the daytime and some have evening meetings. Find the one that is right for you.


Community Service

Each of the Quilters Unlimited Chapters actively pursue community service projects.  It is both a way to give back to the communities that we belong to, but is also a great way to educate our communities on quilting.  Each chapter supports different groups in need such as quilts for soldiers and their caregivers, quilts for homeless, quilts for children and elderly.  We also make recovery bags for cancer patients, teddy bears for infants, and other sewn, knitted, and crocheted goods

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