Diane Kirkhart (dlkirkhart@gmail.com)

English Paper Piecing – La Passacaglia

Supply list:

  • The book Millefiori Book1. You can purchase it from Diane in advance of the class for $34 plus $2.04 tax for total of $36.04.  Retail is $49.95
  • Five piece templates set used for cutting your fabrics. You can purchase them from Diane in advance of the class for $17.50 plus $1.05 tax for total of $18.55.  Retail is $28.00
  • A set of paper pieces for La Passacaglia (the quilt we will be working on). You can purchase the starter set (which is enough to do the entire quilt if you use the papers twice) from Diane in advance of the class for $33.85 plus $2.03 tax for a total of $35.88.  Retail is $56.00
  • Water soluble glue stick if you wish to glue your fabric to your papers (this is the fastest method) or basting thread if you would rather not use glue. Diane will have glue available for purchase in class.
  • Double stick tape to aid in fussy cutting your fabric. Diane will have some available for you to use.
  • Thimble or Clover thimble pad.
  • Rotary cutter and mat.
  • One Wonder Clip. If you do not own any, Diane will have one for you to use.
  • Thread to match your fabric (I use Aurifil 50 weight). Some neutral colors will be available to purchase in class at a reduced rate.
  • Needle you are comfortable with and that fits the thread you choose (Diane uses a size 11 between which works well with the 50 weight thread)
  • Scissors for cutting thread.
  • Fabric
    • ½ to ¾ yard of border print fabric or any fabric that has a mirror image and 2 to 3 fat quarters of fabric that coordinated with the mirror image fabric. Of course to finish the quilt, you will need more fabric than this.  The object is to get at least one rosette completed in class.


If pre-ordering supplies, please send a check to Diane Kirkhart,1452 Carrington Ridge Lane, Vienna, VA 22182-1755 two weeks in advance.

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