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Wheel of Fortune

Fabric selection:

This quilt needs contrast. I have used a light background, mediums and darks for the “color” part of the block. As you look at the photo, there is a secondary design that forms an eight pointed star. If you would like to use different background fabric here, please do. By using the second background in the center of the eight pointed star you may see the star “pop” better. I would also suggest that second background being a light, just a shade or two different from your background fabric around the wheel.

The beautiful batik quilt top, made by a dear friend, focuses on the center star and not on the wheels.  This is such an inspiring use of colors it is amazing they were both made with the same pattern.  Use this inspiration and choose your own color palate.

Pre-Cutting and Supplies:

This class is “block” focused, meaning you can make as many blocks as you would like to get the quilt the size you want it to be. The quilt center is 4 blocks X 5 blocks which measures 48″ X 60″ and is a good lap size if borders are added. Each block squares to 12″ finished.The block is built by making 4 units. These units take an A and B segment, which are different.

Since this is a one day class, bring enough to sew with, you can continue to add more later. The objective is to use what you have in your stash to make this beautiful quilt!

Fabrics :

Background-( light) bring 4 1/2″ strips to use WITH the wheels and 2″ strips to use for the center of the stars. If you are using a different fabric for the center of the stars bring that in the 2″ strips only, but remember to bring strips to use WITH the wheel as well.

Medium and dark fabrics  – to make the Wheels and star points– remember contrast, bring 4 1/2″ strips and 2 ” strips from your stash. It takes 8 wheels to make one block and it takes 8 star strips to make one block. I like “variety” for these.

Borders, backing and binding fabrics can be decided on after you learn the technique.


Sewing machine and supplies. Remember extension cords, foot pedal & power cord.

Regular sewing supplies

Mat and cutter with a new blade. We will be cutting thru multiple layers at once. A rotating mat comes in handy for cutting the freezer paper shapes.

A Creative Grid 6 1/2″ ruler comes in handy when you “true up” each unit and a 12 1/2″ square ruler when you “true up” each block.

Paper cutting scissors

Iron & pressing surface

5 medium ziplock bags

Wheel of Fortune pattern for $8 available in class.

Curved Log Cabin

Supplies:          Pattern  $  8.00

Sewing machine and regular sewing supplies, extension cord & power strips

Thread and filled bobbins – gray or neutral

Rotary cutting supplies, including rulers, we will “true up” after each round, 3”, 4 ½” & 6”

Iron and pressing surface, Mary Ellen’s Best Press clear starch if you would like

A reducing glass ( peep hole ) and Small design wall

Curved Log Cabin pattern — $8 with the class — payable to instructor at class time


  1. Light fabric – 2 ½” yards if using all one color light

OR   10 fat quarters if using different lights

OR    lots from your stash

  1. 1 yard for the center squares
  1. Dark fabric – From your stash bring a variety of mediums and darks

OR  10 medium to dark fat quarters

  1. Backing 4 ½ yards
  2. Binding 1 yard

Quilt measures approximately 55” X 66”

Block size 5 ½” finished


Bring your basket of scraps!  Separate them into lights and darks

Center Squares — cut (2)  1 ½” strips, re-cut into 1 ½” squares

Bring remaining fabric to class

Light Logs – the light logs are cut 1 “  (My white fabric)

Dark logs  —  the dark logs are cut 1 ½”   (My dark/med fabrics)

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